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Objectif Cinéma : Forum > Lynchland > Lynch était ŕ Berlin le 28 janvier
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De Sophie
02.02.2006 12:59
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300 students attend Dr David Lynch's lecture in Amsterdam
by GGN staff writer

Global Good News Translate This Article
28 January 2006

More than 300 students attended a press conference and lecture at the University of Amsterdam given by highly acclaimed film director Dr David Lynch and His Excellency Dr John Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace and President of the US Peace Government.

The lecture on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain, was requested in response to a rising wave of public awareness that has accompanied the recent upsurge of positive media coverage of Maharishi's programmes in the Netherlands.

Organized and publicized by the Transcendental Meditation Movement leader in the Netherlands, Paul Gelderloos, under the guidance of His Highness Dr Willem Meijles, Raja of Holland for the Global Country of World Peace, just two days before it took place on 27 January, the lecture drew a large contingent of the Dutch press as well as hundreds of students.

Dr Lynch and His Exellency Dr Hagelin will give a similar lecture and conference in Berlin on 28 January.

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