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Objectif Cinéma : Forum > Lynchland > Interview de Chris Isaak
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De Straight
21.10.2006 15:54
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Voici un extrait d'une récente interview de Chris Isaak qui intéressera les fans avares de la moindre info sur FWWM, comme moi :

Q. Your character Special Agent Chester Desmond disappeared in a flash of bright light midway through "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" while looking for homicide clues in a trailer park. Did you do something on the set to tick David Lynch off?

A. No. David and I are pretty good friends. He is such a nice guy (that) I honestly don't think he has any enemies. But you did catch something that I often wonder about. In the script I was supposed to disappear in a flash of light that was otherworldly. But just before we shot the scene I heard these huge lights they brought in just "pop" and give out a whiff of smoke. Then David and the special-effects guy had a long talk and David sort of shook his head and said, "Oh. ... OK. ... Well, we'll shoot it like this then." I always wondered what went on.

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